Sangoma A200 compatibility questions


I have an A200-R Rev. 2.1 [2005] with a FXO-2 module and echo cancellation module.

1 - Are the FXO-5 modules compatible with this card? It already has one FXO-2 attached to it.

2 - If I acquire an A200-R Rev. 2.9 [2008], will I be able to remove the echo cancellation module from my previous card and make it work on the new one?

Thank you a lot.
Luis Felipe


Many many years ago (many years before they purchased Schmooze) I was told when I contacted Sangoma that there could be compatibility issues between different versions of the modules and the card.

Please note that I said (and was told) could not would

There are actually a few subtle variations of the card, even the version of the Remora of the main card appears to change sometimes while the card itself still is the same version… My guess this is what could be affecting compatibility…

No, I actually tried that with a server pull…

It’s relatively easy to remove the echo cancellation module from one card and put it on another (it is held by two screws and the contacts are not soldered but only need to touch each other) but the card did not know it was there once it was done…

My guess is that the card configuration is stored somewhere on the card and that only Sangoma could change it…

(They do warn you about the echo cancellation module not being user-installable…)

Good luck and have a nice day!


Hi, @Marbled: thanks a lot for sharing your experience.