Sangoma A104DE Tx Nothing Error in HDLC test (Load test)


I am developing diagnostic code for A104DE on a Oracle Linux UEK8 system with Wanpipe driver: wanpipe-7.0.34. The diagnostic code was based on HDLC test (Load test – loopback test) file (wanpipe-7.0.34\api\libsangoma\examples\hdlc_test\hdlc_test.c) in wanpipe-7.0.34. The code was almost no change from the orignal.

In this system, I did configuration with:“wancfg_tdmapi --fe_media=T1 --fe_clock=MASTER --silent”, also ran digital loopback script and echo canceller script Everything seemed normal and good. But it got Tx Nothing Error. Of course no Rx data. The loopback test was failed.

On a desktop computer, I installed the same software: Dahdi, Libpri, Asterisk, and Wanpipe driver on Ubuntu with the same A104DE card. Ran the same test, and it was passed.

Would you think what I was missing and it caused the issue?


Ran command: cat /proc/net/dev
Got below screenshot. There was no data from w1g1, w2g1,w3g1 and w4g1.

Compared to the same setup on Desktop as mentioned above. I got below screenshot with tx/rx data.

The loopback test result in my developing system as below screenshot ( with only one channel s3c18)

The loopback test result on Desktop system with all 96 channel opened in T1 ( only screenshot part of them) as below:

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