Sangoma A101 Not Found

For the second time in a row a new system on FreePBX14 will not recognize a Sangoma A101 card. On the last problem I had to manually create the etc/wanpipe/global.conf. I had to do the same thing this time but even after doing that the card is not found. Am I Missing something?

When I run setup-sangoma the system sees the A101 card but the gui will not display it

open a ticket at

Ok. Just created it. Thank you

Would the setup be easier if I purchased the digium card as opposed to the sangoma card?

Same support group, same company. No need to replace hardware.

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robert from support worked on it and did a great job. no luck until we ran a yum update and that allowed the card to be visible in the gui. I would think it would still show on 7.5 but maybe it needed 7.6 for the dahdi module to show the card

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