Sangoma 7 / Distro 14 upgrade issues

Just upgraded a test version from distro 6 to 7 on a Vultr VM and encountered a couple of issues.

  1. Upgrade hangs at "repairing faxpro"
    After about 30 minutes I pressed ENTER on the console and the update continued.

  2. Towards the end of the upgrade (I guess during the cleanup process) the system got stuck again. This time it was trying to disable modules that were disabled prior to the upgrade.

"Error running fwconsile ma disable contactmanager - Retrying. Output was: The following error(s) occured
Cannot disable: The folowing modules depend on this one: restapps "

After about 30 minutes I rebooted the system and the server loaded to FreePBX. I am pretty sure the upgrade completed but there are leftover files that probably would have gotten erased during the cleanup process
e.g. /root/preupgrade, /root/preupgrade-results

  1. I also noticed that the upgrade made changes to my sshd_config file allowing root login and changing the SSH port to default 22 which was changed on purpose to something else.

ticket# FreePBX 15669