Sangoma 60 going out Window

I’m honestly getting ready to throw both of these Sangoma 60s out the window.

My latest problem, just simply by rebooting the machine (no software updates or module updates applied), the unit just hangs at Early Console in setup code.

The reason it has this message is because a while back the unit would freeze at probing edd=off and support had to remotely connect in and fix that so the kernel would boot properly.

Not only that but a second Sangoma 60 box has this issue still fresh out of the box.

So anyways now this one that they fixed a few months later is just hanging at early console in setup code and I have to select the debug option. Its running 3.10-0-862.9.1.e17.x86_64

This unit was working fine for a period after support did their thing however now today its decided to start hanging with the default boot option and I have to select the alternative debug one.

Any ideas

  1. How to fix this new issue
  2. What the actual steps are to resolve the issue on the other box which is also exhibiting the EDD=off hanging
  3. Both of these boxes will randomly hang at the BIOS boot screen with the code B2 in the bottom right also for no apparent reason and you need to manually reboot the box with the power switch.

To give you an idea Box 1 came with a bad FXO/FXS Card from the factory and both Box 1 and 2 both exhibit(ed) the EDD=off hang on the boot screen and both experience the hanging at the B2 BIOS randomly. I can’t trust these boxes to work reliable in the least bit still unfortunately.

As far as I can tell there’s zero drive activity whenever its hanging wether it was hanging at the edd=off or the easy console in setup mode. Once you select the boot option the drive activity blinks for a few seconds then goes dead.

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