Sanfoma DECT Phone Keeps Losing Connection

Hello! I am experiencing an issue with a Sangoma DECT phone. I have an office with five phones installed, connecting to FreePBX hosted in the cloud. Four phones are the S505’s and one is the DECT phone. The system has worked great with no issues. Recently, the router was replaced by a new Netgate. After that happened, the DECT phone would not register. I was able to reboot the phone and get it to register while I was working on it one evening. In the morning, the phone was no longer registered. It shows SIP Error on the Extensions page and “Registering” on the Home/Status page. I have gone through this process of rebooting three times and each time it registers and then in the morning it’s showing the error again.

Any ideas? I can’t think of anything on the Netgate that would be causing this but it did begin to be an issue when we installed it. The S505’s are working fine.

If it’s since you changed the router, have you checked to make sure SIP ALG is disabled?

Yep, SIP ALG is disabled on the router.

It’s weird. The base station will register for about 10 minutes or so and then disconnect. When I force it to re-register, it will connect and show as reachable on the PBX but in the base station GUI it will show SIP Error un the state column under Extensions.

It will remain like that until it disconnects about 10 minutes later.

You could take a look through the logs either from the DECT Syslog or see if there is anything funky on FreePBX/Asterisk Logs. But my first thing would probably just factory reset the DECT and re-provision and see if that does anything.

We couldn’y figure it out so I replaced the Sangoma DECT with a Yealink DECT. Problem solved.

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