Samsung SMT-W5120

Hi everyone,

I’m brand new to the world of FreePBX and I love it so far. I have been able to use my new server with softphones and I am not trying to get an IP phone up and running.

All I have to experiment with right now is a Samsung SMT-W5120. I have tried multiple times to register it with the FreePBX server and I keep receiving an “Unregistered” error.

Here is how I am attempting to set the phone up

SIP mode >
System DHCP (assuming this refers to the router and the handset, not the handset and server) >
My extension for User ID >
Password… no idea. It only takes 4 of what I am assuming are digits - on the previous system this phone was used on it was 0000 >
QOS On (have also tried Off) >
WiFi FON OFF (have also tried On)

WiFi Password

The screen reads “Searching…”, bars show up on the signal strength, then after a couple of seconds it says “Unregistered”

I really feel like I’m either missing something here or perhaps this phone is not compatible? Any help would be appreciated.

password is secret

Okay, if by “secret” you are referring to the Secret for the extension, that is an alphanumeric password greater than 4 characters - the phone seems to be asking for a numeric password, it does not show letters when you press a key - just an asterisk. I tried changing the extension’s password to a 4 digit number and it would not allow that.

You will need to change “Require Strong Secrets?” in the advanced settings.

Nice looking phone but a quick check of the Samsung site sure looks like this is proprietary to the Samsung Officeserv. It looks like it even requires the Samsun AP’s.

Is the handset connecting to you WLAN? Is it getting an IP? Do you see it trying to register with Asterisk if you watch a live SIP debug? I would turn off intrusion detection while troubleshooting it will end up blocking the IP before you figure out what is going on.

Nice looking phone but a quick check of the Samsung site sure looks like this is proprietary to the Samsung Officeserv. It looks like it even requires the Samsun AP's.

Their switch panel is indeed Samsung (trying to replace it with Asterisk), so I think this might just be a dead end - was afraid of that. I am two days into learning about VoIP, so a lot of this is going over my head. I gather at this point the best thing to do is find a non-proprietary set of phones.

A quick Amazon search revealed a lot of options that reviewers say work with Asterisk, so I’m thinking that is where to start. Any suggestions for good wireless/wired phones for a PBX In a Flash Asterisk deployment?

I’m helping a friend try to escape a $218 a month lease for their Samsung phone server, it looks like an EC2 instance running FreePBX/Asterisk can do everything they need - and then some. The company they are currently dealing with charges outrageous fees for the simplest of things and made a lot of bogus promises about the system.

We have lots of phone discussions so just use the forums.

Primarily I sell Aastra, Polycom, Panasonic and Yealink.

Since we (the FreePBX team) put out our own distribution have you considered that instead of PBX in a Flash?

As far as hosting. My company is a certified North American provider of FreePBX and PBXtended hosting. Spending a few extra dollars a month to be on net with a SIP provider and have a hosting company that understands Asterisk/FreePBX is well worth it.

Welcome to the community and good luck!