Same two extensions simultaneously on two phones

I have a user with two extensions as the user has two different locations. Currently one of the phone in one location has one extension number and the other has the other. Is there a way to add both extensions to both phones so regardless of what extension is called, both phones simultanously ring? I have yealink phones that support a few accounts. So I am able to add both accounts to the single phone. But when I last tried it, if i do the same for both phones then both phones don’t actually ring.

Would he have to have two different extensions? I’d think this is where the “Max Contacts” field in the Advanced tab of the extension can come into use. You could have the user just have one extension and set the field value to 2. That would allow both phones to register to the same extension. Then regardless of which one is called, they would both ring. That’s how I had it when I set up an extension and then an external ceiling ringer so that ringer would ring when the phone was called.

Not sure which version of FreePBX you are on, but to clarify, @ksdpbx approach is correct, but it has to be a PJSIP extension for this option to be available.

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