Safari adding .html to UCP downloads

We are running FreePBX 10.13.66-5 with asterisk 13. When users download their recordings from the UCP interface with safari Version 9.0.2 (11601.3.9) the downloads are being suffixed with a .html after the file type. Both Chrome and Firefox are working without any issue.

Any thoughts as to the cause are appreciated.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

This seems to be a webkit bug. If you google the issue “safari adds .html” you will see complaints going back 7 years. This does not happen in non webkit browsers. Where most browsers have some sanity checking to figure out what the file is webkit relies on mime types. I have filed a bug for this and pushed a fix/branch against it.

James - They closed the bug ticket you opened stating framework version 13.0.56 and voicemail version 13.0.32. I am running FreePBX Framework 13.0.77 and Voicemail 13.0.36 and am still getting the .html on all downloads from Safari. Can you verify that this is just me or is the issue not actually resolved?

The only “fix” is to pass a content header with the proper mime type. We now do that. It is still up to safari to handle what we tell it.

It was tested locally with safari Version 9.0 (11601.1.56) and worked. That said I may have a mime type registered with osx that you do not. I am guessing safari adds .html to what it doesn’t understand. IMHO no one should ever use safari. It like IE should only be used to download a proper browser.

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Point take on the browser but some decisions are made about usable software that are not within our pay grade to alter. That being said I realized I failed to mention one major defining factor, for which I am sorry. We are using .gsm as the file type for recordings due to the compression rate and the fact we are required to record all calls and retain them for minimum of 365 days.

cel v13.0.37
cdr v13.0.26

Thank you Andrew. I tested this morning and the file type is a gsm as it should be. I appreciate the quick response and the understanding for the accommodation of the specifics of our issue.