S705 Incoming Call no caller ID when on a call

I cant figure out how to see the caller id of an incoming call while Im already on the phone… When Im on the phone, and a second call comes in, I do see the BLM key light flashing so I know the call is coming in, but I cannot see the caller id of that 2nd incoming call on my screen. Without caller id, how do I know who is calling and decide if I want to let it go to VM or pick it up??

Endpoint Manager
Sangoma S705 phone

I know Im missing something stupid but I cant find it. Any help in pointing me in the right direction is much appreciated. I searched high and low and cant find an answer to my specific question.


BLM? All lamp fields matter :slight_smile:

Use the up/dn arrow buttons to scroll thru active calls.

Thanks, I dont know what I did/changed but its working now. When Im on a call, and a second call is coming in, it now shows the caller id of the second call across the bottom of the LCD screen…

Only difference today is Im calling in on my back door number that rings my main extension 24/7 (i dont give this number out except to like 2 people so they can get through after hours or on weekends).

My main number all week was not showing caller id on my phone of a second incoming call while I was on the phone…I just tested it again but its after hours so time conditions is playing my after hours greeting and not ringing on the phone like it should… ill have to test it on Monday again with the main number and see if it still isnt working…

You should always create an incoming route to your ringgroup/extension, which circumvents the after hours destination. Just dont publish the number :wink:

Im confused what youre saying…Thats exactly what I have, an incoming route for my back door DID to my ring group/extension and I dont publish that back door number…

The inbound route for my main published number is setup to Time Conditions…and thats the number calls come in on during business hours while Im on the phone that Caller ID doesnt show up…

I thought you want to test your phone right now? If yes, you can create an additional inbound route #main-number-600, which directly goes to your ring group 24/7.

Ah gotcha… Im not familiar with how to set that up…When I go to Inbound Routes, and hit Add Inbound Route and [put in the main number and set destination to Ringroup 1 it says a route has already been set for (XXX-XXX-XXXX) main number…

Just use the main number plus e.g. 600

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