S705 and Wifi


We are using latest firmware and VPN connection to FreePBX.

All is working great using cable. But we have some problems with Wifi connection :

The phone seems to not be able to reach an IP address from DHCP using Wifi. The DHCP is working fine on computer using Wifi.

So we can’t understand why S705 won’t connect on Wifi.

The scan is ok and we can see our SSID and enter our password.

But no connection are done on the network.

Have you any idea ?


It feels like the key (password) is wrong. I use my s705 exclusively on wifi and all my devices are statically assigned via DHCP.

Thanks for your feedback, but we have started by entering Wifi credential on the phone (Wifi isn’t configured with EPM).
The phone has successfully received an IP address.
So we have rebooted it (because of option 66 at startup), but nothing works.
We have connected the phone using cable, and the phone has received his configuration and updates.
After that we have configured Wifi again, and no IP address was reused.
We have rebooted the phone, again no IP address.
What’s wrong on our procedure ?

Never configured Wifi on these phones yet. But here’s a link to the Wiki. If it’s still not working after following the steps, then there’s either something wrong with your wifi setup, or the phone might be damaged.


I have an S705, it turns its own wi-fi off several times a day. I have to go back in the phone settings and turn the wi-fi back on. Is wi-fi on these phones just a Novelty? Or is it suppose to be a real function?

This is probably a bug.

Make sure you are on the latest firmware available, and if you still have issues, contact support.

We have thousands of cusotmers who only use wifi and that does not happen to them including my own phone. What firmware do you have?

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