S505 VPN priority

We have a functioning FreePBX system on We started off using another vendors phones that have VPN functionality to our OpenVPN server, and those work well. There are a number of staff that brings their phone with them when they are in the office vs. being at home. The phones check for internal connectivity first before connecting via VPN when they are at home and make it very seamless.

I picked up some S505’s and I’m having a difficult time duplicating this behavior. The phones either want to have the VPN enabled all the time, or disabled all of the time. Is there a way to set this up similarly to how I have the other phones? I’ve been beating myself up with this for a few days now and felt it was time to reach out for some help.

No way for the phone to auto change from VPN to no VPN. But I would expect the same setup to work in both locations provided whatever fqdn you use for the VPN connection resolves correctly at each.

thanks for the info. That was going to be my next thing to look in to if there wasn’t a priority function.

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