S505 Phone Buttons Unresponsive and BLF Goes Dark

I have an S505 phone that we have had running for more than a year. Within the last couple of months the user has reported issues where they press keys but the phone doesn’t respond to them. I switched my phone with theirs to see if I could reproduce the issue. After a month or so of testing I started having similar results.

Randomly throughout the day, all of the BLF lights just go dark which includes DND, Park, and Page. During this time, I can press DND but nothing happens. I have also had the BLF lights go dark immediately after pressing the voicemail button. When this happens, I am unable to input my voicemail pin. The LCD screen appears to be functioning normally where I can see it change screens and clocks/timers continue to work.

I did attempt to factory reset and update the phone to the latest firmware and still have the same issue. It is only on this 1 device.

Anyone experience anything like this before?

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