S505 and S705 Phones lots of crackling, static...bad handsets and cords

The previous IT staff bought a couple hundred of these phones and installed them just before I took over and now they are all out of warranty, so I am stuck with them. I have had to replace about 30 cord so far because these start to become loose in the handset after a while. Honestly not sure if it is a cord/handset problem. Does anyone else have this issue and could suggest the best cord/handset replacement for the them. We are a small school district and we can’t afford to just replace them all with new phones and Sangoma support basically said too bad, can’t help you.

We have the same problem. I tried upgrading the firmware, cords etc with no success. Thankfully, we used this only for a single client and they do not have that many phones. Other brand phones on the same system do not have this problem. We are in the process of replacing them.

The S-series phones are the “old” Sangoma phones. Sangoma bought Digium 4 years ago (Asterisk&phones) and since then the D-series phones are top of the line. I once had a S705 and a D65 for testing…they are as different as day and night…software and hardware…I highly recommend the D-series phones!!! I have been using around 25 D65 and 2 D80 at three locations for up to 3 years with no issues at all.
The S-series phones were developed by a team, which members mostly left Sangoma several years ago. The new team did a great job of improving the software, but you cannot fix the bad hardware design. I don’t know, if the newer S-series phones got any HW upgrades. I doubt it…
This is just my personal opinion…I am a regular user…

What are the closest D matches for the S505 and S705 phones?

The D65 is equivalent to the S705. You can also use a sidecar with it.
The other D6x just have fewer line keys. The D80 is very different. It uses Android and has a touchscreen. I like it, but certain features are not available yet, like call_completed_elsewhere. So you cannot use it in a ringgroup.

Thank you. The S505 has 8 buttons that can be used to directly ring extensions. From the pictures I do not see how that is achieved on the D series.

The D65 phone uses the concept of pages for the line/blf keys. So you can assign up to 60 of line keys or so. You can scroll through the pages with one button.

Thank you - very useful.

The S705 is Bluetooth enabled. I don’t see that feature on the D65. Any way to add that?

Why do you need Bluetooth? Headset? Only the D80 comes with built-in BT.
You can use DECT headsets though

One user has asked for bluetooth and the DECS solution is not really suitable. If he has one of these things stuck in his ear all day he may as well use it for the office phone!

For the D80, what do you mean by ‘cannot use it in a ringgroup’? What use is a desk phone without that?

You can use a D80 in a ring group, but if somebody calls the ring group, and even if one of the ring group members answers the call, the D80 will show a missed call.
I don’t know, why the D80 currently does not support call_completed_elsewhere. The other Ds support it.

I once tested a bluetooth headset and was not happy with it, because it did not work long distance (other room). The DECT headsets might be a better choice, but I’ve never had one…so I can’t tell.

Groundwire on my smartphone does the same - maybe its an Android thing.

I think you are right. The person asking hasn’t thought it trough properly. It will not give true mobility once you leave your desk.

I appreciate all of the thoughts. I do have one D65 I bought for testing but can not find any decent documentation for how to set it up properly for the line keys. I basically want to be able to set it up as close to possible as the sangoma phones. Any idea?

There’s a fair bit of info in the wiki on D phones

One thing about the D and P phones, they don’t support more than a single button defined as a line key, which differs from the way S phone config works.


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