S500 stuck "Initializing..." after attempting to upload certificate


I am using a Sangoma S500 running firmware 1.62. I attempting to upload a certificate for my internal root CA to the phone using the phones web interface. This caused the phone to crash and reboot. The phone is now stuck “Initializing…”. At the bottom of the screen “DHCP IPv4: Received” and the MAC are shown (well, it alternates between the two). I have tried doing a factory rest (hit “#” three times and hold “*” for ten seconds) which does cause the phone to reboot but it gets stuck “Initializing…” again. I can no longer access the web interface for the phone. I can ping the phone. Any thoughts?

Edit: I forgot to mention, I did read a similar post which discussed an issue using option 66 on the DHCP server. I did have that option set but I have since removed it to no avail.

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