S500, EPM, first digit dial disable doesn't work

I don’t know if this is an EPM Pro issue or an S500 issue, but across three sites we have “Dial First Digit” set to “Wake Up”, not “Wake up and Dial”, but in all cases it does the latter. Either EPM isn’t configuring it correctly, or the phone isn’t doing what it’s being told to do.

I had that issue some time ago but it was fixed in a firmware update. Maybe try updating the firmware and see if that helps.

I wish it was that simple: Firmware is current via EPM.

Still struggling with this. Client is frustrated.

Have you contacted support on this?

Thanks for chiming in, Tony.

I haven’t. Support balance is currently -5, so we have to spend $395 just to open a ticket for something that doesn’t appear to be a config issue, and that also starts the expiration clock on that support time. I don’t mind paying the $400 for bankable support, it’s the expiration that is a problem- we use about two hours per year and I don’t want to pay for support time we don’t use (so the money goes in a hole) for this issue.

Phones come with free support. Open ticket under the phone department.