S500 custom image off screen

We’re struggling to get custom images to display properly on the S500. It doesn’t seem to matter how large or small (pixel dimension) we make the image, some significant part of it is cropped off the screen of the S500. Is there a “fit to screen” option somewhere, or some other solution?

Pictures must be a GIF, JPEG, or PNG image file no greater than 256KB. Optimal resolutions are 480x272 for the S700 and 480x320 for the S500.

From: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PHON/Screen+Saver#ScreenSaver-UploadinganImage

Thank you, James. I’d found and read that. In two cases I’ve tried images those exact dimensions as well as smaller. All are under the size limit. In all cases the image overflows the screen.

With an S500 the solution was to keep the overall image size at 480x320, but inset the logo into a centered area no larger than 263 in width and 204 in height. This way the image isn’t cropped by the on-screen menus, buttons, title bars, etc.