S500 - Config not able to be changed from initial configuration

NOOB warning. My first attempt at voip/Sip etc so if you must trash me, feel free, I have broad shoulders .

Using FreePBX14.0.1.4 I configured my first S500 phone. I sent Wide buttons and LED settings and all those took fine. I can make calls so I have at least some of the SIP config right. Hurray for me.

After looking at the results on the phone config I see that there are some settings I want to change. I made the changes in endpoint manager and updated the phone (and reboot ) but the phone remains the same config.

I read somewhere that there is a config file in the Asterisk directory structure and it occurs to me that if I would locate and delete that cfg file the phone would start fresh and accept the current config.

But since I’m not linux fluent, and certainly not yet capable with FreePBX I thought it best to ask for help here first.


Nobody ?


But the phone won’t “start fresh” if that file is removed. You’ll have to reset the phone.

Thank You!, that got me started again - updates working now too.