S500 call quality degrading then dropping it's chan_pjsip connection to Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX with 24 S500/S505 phones split across four locations.
Endpoint Mgr, auto-provisioned.
running pjsip.

For no apparent reason, after 5 - 7 days of normal operation, the phones begin to sound crappy and cut out… then disconnect/reconnect until Freepbx is reloaded.
I’m at a loss to explain firstly the degrading call quality, then the strange resolution simply by reloading Freepbx.

I’m beginning to think, converting the extensions to chan_sip my be my next option.

Any suggestions?

Have one of the ‘bad’ asterisk versions?

Otherwise, when the system gets flaky, what do CPU and memory usage look like?

Hosted where? Distro or home-built? If the latter, provide details. FreePBX and Asterisk versions? System and modules up to date?

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