S500 and S700 video support?


I have a bunch of S500 and S700 on a residential install. I want to add a SIP doorphone with a camera, so the users can see who is at the door. Can the S500 and S700 receive real-time video from the SIP doorphone for display on the nice LCD screens?

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I don’t work for sangoma but I would bet they can’t.

If you get your residential users to download and install an app like zoiper for their Android or iOS phones, tablets, computers, etc. they will be able to receive the videonfrom the door phones.

Note: SRTP video is broken right now. Even unencrypted video seems to be very buggy lately. An older FreePBX distro and asterisk version from summer 2016 or earlier will work flawlessly.

That is a shame if they are unable to do video. Having a meeting later this week with another client for a large deployment and I was going to spec the S500/S700. However, I think that future video capability will defiantly be on their list of requirements.

The S700 with its lovely “widescreen” display would lend itself to video monitor duties nicely. Maybe someone from Sangoma can chime in here…?


There is no Video codec supported by the phone (H.264 or H.323) I am not sure if they have plans to release one but for now Yealink makes a nice Video Phone. :slight_smile:

We are getting our new Sangoma phones in next week so I can test them in comparison of the Yealinks. Cant wait to see who wins.

Thanks - would be very interested to hear what you think of the Sangoma phones and how they stack up against the Yealinks (of which I have no experience with!).


No we do not support video with any of our phones that are currently on the market.