S305 Rebooting on Login

I have a Sangoma S305 IP phone connected to FreePBX and when I use the “login” button the phone reboots. The wiki says that this phone should be able to login and out without rebooting.


Why does the phone reboot?

open a support ticket on that for the phone - include the syslog and note the time of the login/logout that triggers reboot

Where is the syslog file on FreePBX?

syslog comes from the phone:

I’ve found that it only reboots after I use the login function after having factory reset the phone. I suspect this is normal behaviour here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Factory reset phone
  2. Login to phone’s web server as admin and add FreePBX as configuration IP
  3. Click the autoprovision button further down the page
  4. Press the login button at the top left of the S305 display and login with extension + EPM ‘User Password’ (Not the user’s actual password).
  5. Observe as phone logs in then reboots

HOWEVER, I was resetting the phone because there’s no log out button. Now I’ve found that I can log in to the phone’s web server and manually add a button with the URL http://[FreePBXIP]:82/applications.php/endpoint/logout?user=2204 I can log out and back in again without a reboot.

The problem is that after logging in there’s no way to log out again because it deletes the button I added. How can I log out of an S305 without manually adding the button for it?

No. After login, the phone provisions with whatever EPM template you have set to default. If you need Login/Logout buttons on the phone after login then configure the template with them.

Thanks @lgaetz the wiki seems to be a little out of date or it might just be in a different place in FreePBX so here’s what I found, just in case anyone stumbles across this thread in the future.

Make sure to have set the phone’s configuration server to your FreePBX host

  1. Settings -> EndPoint Manager.
  2. Click the options button on the right side of the page to expand the EndPoint Manager menu.
  3. Select the brand (EG:/ Sangoma) under the Brands section.
  4. Click the template you want to edit.
  5. Click the Models tab.
  6. Click the model of phone you want to edit.
  7. Now you will get a dialogue window showing the keys you can edit.

For the login/logout option: set Type to XML-API and Value to REST-Login the label can be whatever you want. When the user presses this key they will get a prompt with two options, Log in & Log out.

Rebooting phone
The phone reboots after the first time you log in and after the first time you log out. Presumably this is because it loads some configuration that requires a reboot. Further login/out happens without reboots.

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