S305 History/Missed Calls

We recently upgraded our entire phone system from Cisco and a really old FreePBX (~6yo) to the latest FreePBX and purchased 100 S305 phones. Things rolled out smoothly with the exception of a couple things that are annoying the users:

  1. Call History on the phone does not show incoming calls. The UCP shows all activity, but I would think this should work on the phones themselves. Outgoing calls do show up in the History, but no incoming. Any idea what setting I might have wrong? I have “Missed Calls” enabled in EPM.

  2. Anything the user customises in the phone’s setting menu is wiped out eventually. I suspect this has to do with the EPM Global ReSync Time Setting. It was set to the default 86400 (1 day), and I recently changed it to 0. Hopefully this fixes that issue, but time will tell. Will a setting of 0 disable the phone from grabbing the latest config?

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It should show both inbound and outbound. If its not please open a support ticket at support.sangoma.com and someone can take a look with you.

Yes when using EPM, EPM takes control of all configs. We do have a option in the template that says the Phone GUI versus the Config wins on a conflict so if you enable that and a user changes a setting on the phone through the UI or GUI and it conflicts with a EPM setting the phone setting will override versus the default EPM.

Will do, thank you.

We don’t have the phone GUI accessible (phone subnet isn’t routable) for the users, but I did enable that setting as well this morning (“GUI Override”). When you say “through the UI”, you’re talking the phone’s menus? If so, then great!

Thanks again,

yes GUI or the Phone LCD

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