S300 turn off paging "beep"

Hi, I have applied the settings below on the paging pro module, but the phone still playing the “beep” sound, I would like to know how can I turn it off?

(Sorry, the sound should heard like “Doo”, I have to confirm again…)

Settings: Auto-answer defaults = none
Page Group: Announcement = none (Also tried play a recording, the beep remain and then the recording play)
Page Group: Page Announcement = My prefer recording

PBX Firmware:10.13.66-22
PBX Service Pack:

Product Model S300
Firmware Version BOOT– 10:19:00)
IMG– 09:35:00)
ROM– 09:35:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16)

Ok, I think the sound is come from the phone itself.
To manage the phone from endpoint manager, I’ve apply this change:

Basefile Edit -> S300
0 # Auto Answer Alert 0 - Disable, 1 - Enable

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