S3 errors on backup

I created a filestore for an S3 backup. I have verified the keys are correct using the ass s3api but I get the following error from freePBX

``` SignatureDoesNotMatch ```

The request signature we calcul (truncated…) SignatureDoesNotMatch (client): The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method. -


I believe the signing method comes from the freePBX API call

I have read several discussions on different forums. If it is a problem with the clock, I haven’t found a solution.

If the key is wrong, there is a clear error message stating that the key cannot be found in their records.

This uses PHP league flysystem

Looks like possible clock issue

This is a VM on Digitalocean

Timezone is Asia,/Phnom_Penh

Hardware clock is UTC

Does anybody have any more ideas about this?

Sorry I went on a long weekend.

Make sure your clock is set correctly. If you are “in the future” or “in the past” it may cause issues. This is nothing set by FreePBX and there are no open bugs on the library. The only thing FreePBX sets is endpoint, credentials and bucket. Everything else is the library’s default.

My clock is set correctly as far as I can see. I do have the timezone set to ICT

[[email protected] monitor]# hwclock Mon 11 Apr 2022 04:47:38 PM +07 -0.750900 seconds [[email protected] monitor]# date Mon Apr 11 23:47:41 +07 2022

for giggles make sure php is in line with those:

 php -r 'echo date("r");'

Let me double check versions to see if there are any super old bugs with the library

This is the only other person who has a report of this on the library and it revolves around paths

[[email protected] monitor]# date;php -r 'echo date("r");' Tue Apr 12 00:38:40 +07 2022 Tue, 12 Apr 2022 00:38:40 +0700[[email protected] monitor]#

Same same

I may take this to the AWS community

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