S 700 VPN Endpointmanager

I can easily connect my S400 phone
BOOT– 11:55:00)
IMG– 15:08:00)
ROM– 15:08:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16)
directly to my
PBX Distro: 12.7.8-2306-1.sng7
Asterisk version: 19.8.0.
The VPN server is running and I can easily connect with a softphone on my cell phone.
The problem starts when I try to connect the S400. What am I doing wrong?

My suggestion is to check S700 phone 1st Logs, 2nd-Firmware version maybe is the issue.
At Logs you can find some errors maybe is not Downloading OVPN File to the Phone? Logs will give you more details.

I have added the data for my S 400 above. I can’t make heads or tails of the S 400 log, especially as it contains all network traffic and not just the actions of the S 400.
I have registered the S 400 on the freepbx and it is running perfectly. The moment I switch on the vpn client and upload the ovpn file, I can no longer make calls. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

Do you have the FreePBX System Admin Pro module activated and the VPN server configured so that FreePBX provisions these phones with the VPN configuration?

I think S Phones doesn’t needed to have SystemAdmin Pro (paid) module. EPM and S Phone should be works without any paid module.

I have installed the sysadmin and also the endpointmanager. But that hasn’t helped so far either. It was not possible to install the phone via VPN. I suspect that the reason is that I can only install the ovpm file and not the other files from the UCP.

Confused, how you are installing OpenVPN on the Phone ? Download OVPN file from UCP and upload on the phone ?

I might be wrong but I was sure that the way to configure phones with a VPN is by getting the VPN server setup on the phone system (only available under the Sys Admin Pro module), configure the extension for VPN and provision through EndPoint manager. Once it’s provisioned through EPM it should automatically connect to the VPN that gets downloaded through initial provisioning.

I agreed with you for EPM and S Phone template then select VPN which phone(extension) wants to use OVPN. you can do all this setting and provisioning with Zero-Touch.

Yes, I have done that.

@Wolfgang53604 Why you did not use EPM? for deployment OVPN? i think via EPM is correct way. I have never tried to deploy OVPN to S-XXX Phones via your method.

Because i do not know, how to use endpointmanager with S400 or IOS.

My VPN-Server has been setup with sys admin pro module.But EndPoint manager does nothing.

No worries, Sangoma has for that Wiki page. You can check and apply some changes for you. My suggestion is for you. 1st just check wiki and steps then Create Sangom S Phone template for you, Then you can carry on with Provisioning.

I think I connected the S 400 to my pbx via vpn. Now I have to see what happens when I connect the S 400 to a different LAN.