RV082 -> QuickVPN -> Trixbox, asterisk

Hey all,

We have recently purchased an RV082 router for our company.

I have successfully managed to establish a VPN connection through PPTP and through QuickVPN (IPSEC?)

When i am connected through PPTP my software SIP client has 0.5% packet loss which is totally acceptable.

When i am connected through QuickVPN my software SIP client has a 50-70% packet loss.

i have done the following settings on the router:
Bandwidth Management:
High Priority for upstream and downstream UDP 10001-20000 and UDP 5060-5080
Wan Connection settings:
MTU: 1492 bytes

I would like to know if there are any other settings that will improve VOIP over QuickVPN since RV082 supports 100 connections compared to 5 for PPTP.

The QuickVPN client seems to be quite flaky and doesn’t appear to actually create a “Windows” recognized connection. I’d look for a different solution to your VPN needs.