Running yum update on lastet FreePBX distro

I can not find any information regarding running yum update on a fresh install of the latest FreePBX distro. Is it advisable to do yum update at all or just use the module admin of FreePBX to do upgrades? What is the recommendation for doing OS level updates if one plans on using the distro for installing a new system.

Disclaimer: I am new to FreePBX and usually build my own systems from source but the FreePBX GUI is really nice and I plan on using it for all my future deployments.

Module admin, does just what is says, manages FreePBX modules.

YUM is a software and system package tool. You use it to add or update software and Linux updates.

In the distro both are safe to use.

I understand what yum and the module admin are used for. I just don’t understand why when I run yum update I get the following packages getting updated and when I look at module admin it says everything is up to date.

Does module admin not take care of updating the Asterisk packages?

Package Arch Version Repository

asterisk18 i386 pbx 4.0 k
asterisk18-addons i386 pbx 3.3 k
asterisk18-addons-bluetooth i386 pbx 142 k
asterisk18-addons-core i386 pbx 287 k
asterisk18-addons-mysql i386 pbx 270 k
asterisk18-addons-ooh323 i386 pbx 2.8 M
asterisk18-core i386 pbx 21 M
asterisk18-curl i386 pbx 188 k
asterisk18-dahdi i386 pbx 1.2 M
asterisk18-voicemail i386 pbx 237 k
libpri i386 1.4.12-1_centos5 pbx 168 k
libpri-debuginfo i386 1.4.12-1_centos5 pbx 635 k
libpri-devel i386 1.4.12-1_centos5 pbx 230 k
sysadmin noarch 2.2-1 pbx 56 k
Installing for dependencies:
speex i386 1.2-0.11.rc1.el5 pbx 96 k

Correct, the module admin does not take care of CentOS packages, which includes Asterisk.

Even worse, when you run a yum update with Asterisk*Now at least, it seems to overwrite the modules within FreePBX and actually downgrade your installation to an older version of FreePBX. I never would have expected this, but if you run “yum update all” it will happen and makes a great big mess. I hope the FreePBX Distro doesn’t do this too.

I’ve just run yum on my install of AsteriskNow and it has, surely enough, rolled back my core to 2.7 and disabled a load of my modules.

The distribution seems to still work, but I can’t make any changes and can’t apply any config.

How do I recover from this scenario?

How do I recover from this scenario?

Do you have a backup? If you don’t not much you can do.

Asterisk Now does not keep up with FreePBX. FreePBX is not distributed as an RPM, Digium creates an RPM from the tarball that FreePBX publishes. If they don’t keep it up anytime you do a yum update it is going to revert since yum does not know anything about FreePBX versions (yum uses RPM).

I am sure not the news you wanted.

What is the correct way to restore from the cli

I may have answered my own question – (See below).

Digium’s ISO that uses the builtin Asterisk GUI interface, very different from FreePBX and you can not go back and forth, but may be a good option for low powered embedded devices that are inadequate for a FreePBX environment.

Note: AsteriskNOW 1.7.1 is based on CentOS 5.5 and now uses FreePBX 2.7 by default.

If you want to upgrade to a later FreePBX version you need to do the following change:

Edit your /etc/yum.conf file and add the following in the [main] section:

This change prevents yum from downgrading FreePBX and destroying your install when you run yum update

So what’s the recommended way to PREVENT the above scenario?

Is there a YUM respository that DOES keep up with FreePBX?
Or is there an “exclude” that should be put in the yum.conf?