Running out of speed dial space


I need to expand the speed dial database as *10 is not enough and all eggs in one basket. It would be good for me if I could give say *10 to one group *11 to another and so on. Not necessarily requiring 000’s of actual speed dials but just a nice way to logically sub divide them. However whilst I can see how to change *10 to say *11 I cannot see how to enable both, or better still have 6 groups *10,*11,*12…

I can see the way of using more than 4 digits but it gets impossible to remember and that also means the first 2 are really just wasted.

Thanks in advance

If you have no extensions starting with 1, just change Contact Manager Speed Dials to *1.

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OK, so didn’t think about that, just assumed it would compete with “*1 In-Call Asterisk Toggle Call Recording” so now hanging my head in shame :slight_smile:

Thanks Stewart

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