Running out of space - recording calls


I have some extensions set to always record income/outgoing calls
I ran out of space (160gb hardrive) within a few days
The System has stopped recording calls.

  1. What is the best way to accomplish recording all calls ?
    —A. Is there someway to direct recorded calls to:
    ------1. an External Hardrive ?
    ------2. a Network Drive ?
    —B. Is there any options to compress these files ?
    —C. Where are these recorded files saved (which directory)
    —D. How do I Copy/Move them off to another drive.
    ------1. Either to an external Drive
    ------2. or to a network drive
    ------3. Is there a GUI to accomplish this thru FreePBX or the OS
    ------4. I need instructions to accomplish this task since I am not familiar with unix

Any assitance is appreciated

Thank you

In the general setting tab you can over ride the default recordings directory (set it to an external hard drive for example) and change the format for the recordings. You can only use the g729 (most compressed) if you have g729 licenses on your system.

Recordings are stored by default in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor

There are no ‘instructions for the task’ as we have no idea what type of storage you plan to add and how it will be attached. Administering the system requires a basic knowledge of Linux and how to manage files and directories along with mounting storage.

I assume you are using a distribution, you did not tell us which one.

As suggested above, you should change the format of the recording to something that uses less space. We use WAV49, and it works well without taking up a ton of space.

I would also stop the system (amportal stop), copy all of the recordings to another, larger and preferably internal, HDD. Then erase the recordings from the original drive and mount the new drive as /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. That way you don’t need to change the settings asterisk uses. Restart asterisk (amportal start), and you should be good to go.


What would be the process (unix commands) to add an additional internal hard drive and direct recordings there?

Any help is greatly appreciated


If you are unfamiliar with adding an internal hard drive, you might consider using a program like Ghost or Acronis to clone your existing drive onto a new, larger one. If you have necer done this, you boot the computer with Ghost or Acronis media and clone the original drive to the new drive. Then just reboot with only the new drive installed and voila! More disk space…

The unix command “dd” can also be made to do this, but avoiding mucking about in the shell is the whole point of my suggestion.

Otherwise, Google is your friend when it comes to instructions for adding a second hard drive and mounting it. I would suggest “centos partition and mount disk” as a starting point.