Running a Shell Script By Dialing Extension Number


I have no luck finding a solution for my requirement. I have a delivery service and would like to notify set of users by calling them on their phone numbers. I have list of phone numbers and a way to call people as a shell script however, I would like to execute this script by calling an extension number and preferably a passcode so that only person having a passcode can make the call even if extension is expose somehow.

I am running TrixBox with IVR as main menu and enabling direct dialing.

Here is what i have tried hoping the solution is around custom extension. Not sure if I am heading in right direction.

  1. Uncommented the extensions_custom.conf in the extensions.conf file.
  2. Added an entry in extensions_custom.conf file as follows.

exten => 200,1,System(/home/rj/

Now when I call extension 200, PBX says that it is not a valid extension. Since this extension is not create in the standard extensions so probably PBX is not able to find it. It seems like I need to either create a inbound route or create extension in a different way so that PBX can see it and run my script.

Can you please advise what is being missed or my complete approach is not correct? If this works, I would like to have some input from the person dialing extension to validate a code etc before script can be executed.

Thanks in advance for your support.


Few people can help you here, Trixbox has been dead and gone for a long time now and doesn’t use FreePBX.