RTSP Stream to Extension

I have a Cisco 8841 that is connected to my FreePBX Distro and thought about streaming my IP cameras with rtsp stream onto the display of my phone when I dial a number. After doing some digging I have seen many posts about app_rtsp and using that with asterisk however I have not found anywhere that explains how it works properly or found anyone that has successful got this to work. Has anyone had experience with RTSP streams with asterisk/freepbx or is this best to leave it alone?

Hi @JoshuaCadman,

What is your ip camera model? do you use a DVR/NVR system? does is it have ONVIF support?

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.


seems to be your friend. They even include context code that you can use to display the stream once their app_rtsp module is installed.

It’s completely opaque to FreePBX, but you can get here from there.

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