RTP Ports full

Good morning, I have a question about the RTP ports. In my asterisk switchboard I am having problems and trying to find out what is happening. I have configured a range of 100 RTP ports. This amount seems very small to me.

The question is, what happens if I occupy 100 channels? not having channels for the audio, the call can be made ??

As I have read, a call can use up to 4 rtp ports, with which more than 25 calls complete the limit that I have …


A call with only audio consumes 2 ports. If you run out, then no new calls until the old ones are done.

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OK thank you…

I am going to expand the ports and open them in the firewall as I think I cannot make calls for this reason.

When that occurs a message is output to the Asterisk console.

Ok, i check the logs.

Thanx for help!

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