RTP issues after v13 to v14 upgrade


I’ve a FreePBX v13 running in VM and I’m trying to get it upgraded to v14 for a quite some time. So I cloned running system into new VM and after few attempts successfully completed upgrade. However, once I tried to put traffic in into the new instance I noticed RTP issues (no audio or one way audio).

Does anyone faced such issues right after upgrade? The configuration of both v13 and v14 VM’s is fully identical, so looks like the problem is in the newer asterisk version.

Worth to say that i have running quite specific setup (like SBC) - I have 3 voice trunks and each of them using own interface and the packets should be originated from the interfaces (there is no single external IP address which sources all SIP peer connections). So I’m using PJSIP and per-interface transports configured. This works with FreePBX13 (with asterisk 13.18.3) and doesn’t work in up-to-date FreePBX14.

Any clues that could be the reason? How to debug this?

Thanks in advance!

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