Not sure what happened to my last thread (it’s gone), but my question was how to keep routing “in house” between an extension and a sip trunk.


Call comes in from extension 1000 and is headed to a DID that is routed to a SIP trunk.

Does the routing hit the tables to look for a routed DID first before heading out to a provider or go to the provider and then right back in?

Here are two ways to do it:

Thanks for the tip!

I suggested putting the entire DID for the extension in the SIP Alias field.


OK, so now it’s a little more complicated. Call comes in from SIP trunk and I need to control which route out to the PSTN. I have the “Extension Routing” module enabled, but it doesn’t apply to trunks. Is there a parameter I can configure in the trunk that will force incoming traffic to use a certain outroute?

yes, you’d create outbound routes to match your routing parameters and point those routes to the desired trunks.


Thats what I have now, they are more generic routes such as 1NXXNXXXXXX and the usual. However, I have different providers. I want to limit traffic from a remote trunk to only use a specific outbound.