Routing the Incoming Call to an Outbound trunk

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I am trying to install a PIAF to integrate with an Avaya Definity. The PIAF box has a TE122 card which is cross connected to the Avaya DS1 TN2464 card. The connection is fine. We are able to make calls to extensions defined on the PIAF from Avaya. We are also able to make calls to Avaya extensions from PIAF extensions. Incoming calls to PIAF can get directed to AVAYA via miscellaneous destinations. All is fine.

What we want to do is : When a call comes in from Avaya to PIAF over ZAP trunk, it should go to respective trunk on PIAF based on the destination number received. There is no facility in the inbound route to route the call to a trunk. Please advise if possible on this.

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So you want to route inbound calls to the Avaya, to the PIAF?

inbound PSTN call–>Avaya(T1/PRI)–>(TE122)PIAF

Is this so you can use the AutoAttendant of the PIAF? Or straight to stations?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for replying. We are trying the otherway around. We are generating call from avaya to go out via PIAF to reach service provider to dialout.

AVAYA (T1/PRI) —> PIAF (TE122) —> Provider.

According to PIAF, the call originated from Avaya goes as ZAP trunk incoming call and matching in the inbound routes. How can I send that call to go via outbound trunks I have from my VOIP provider.

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we are doing a similar setup with a Nortel M1 system. We are only sending international calls from the Nortel to the Asterisk box to be routed over a cheaper network. The stumble for us was to make sure the context of the T1/PRI circuit in zaptel.conf was “from-internal” and that allowed the calls to route through the Asterisk system