Routing internal numbers

I would like to route internal calls from speficic number/s to specific ring groups (including only internal numbers). Sounds easy but am a bit confused. I have set the ring groups they work well with external calls. I dont know how to do it with internals. Some help please.

If you want to define a sequence of digits that local extensions can dial to take them to an internal resource, then that is a Misc Application. But ring groups and Queues already have a local number to dial, so I think I am not fully understanding the ask here, so some more detail might be helpful.

Thanks for answering. I ll make it more specific.
I want for example calls from nu 150 to ring in both 200 and 203 when calling eg only 200.

So you want a ring group with the same number a one of its members? could you not have a non-conflicting ring group number?

I dont understand your second question. Where is the conflict ? 150 to call 200 and ring on both 200 and 203 at same time. Nothing else

It may conflict if you go with the ring group approach.
You might be looking for FM/FM features. Having x200 to ringall x204 as well after 0 seconds will do it.

I am on 15.0.22, FM module is not installed. Repositories mirror,mirror1,mirror2 are down. There are no available download sites. How to install it ? Alternatively how to test with ring group, do i need a new inbound rule ? dont think so

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