Routing incoming call based on Caller ID

I have been running a small FreePBX install for a couple of years now and all is fine. We have two lines, one zap and one voip. Now I have occasion to streamline some inbound calls to specific extensions and I believe that I should be able to do this based on the CID. To do this I have tried adding a new incoming route, not specifying the DID but specifying the specific CID and checking the “CID Priority Route”. Doing this seemed to have no effect. I can easily redirect the call to the right extension based on DID but that is not a solution in this case.

Has anyone successfully accomplished this and can tell me the error in my ways?

I’m running Asterisk and FreePBX 2.6.0 RC 2.1


Look at your CDR’s…The CID field in the inbound route needs to match exactly.

Thanks Sky, I believe I have it correct though.

To test this I have been using my cell to call in. When I watch asterisk from the console I see a like this which may be pointing to the problem. That is, I would have expected the name to be my name and the number to be my cell number, instead the name is my cell number and the number is the DID number.

dialparties.agi: Caller ID name is ‘-calling-number-’ number is ‘-called-number-’

Looking at the CDRs shows the source to be the DID number and the destination as whatever extension that I was answering on to end the call.

I have also set the CID lookup source to None on the inbound routes to avoid any problems there. The phones show the Caller Id just as the dialparties.agi line shows.