Routing directory routed calls through Time restrictions

Ok had a post up here earlier on dealing with getting calls routed based on time of day managed to get that all working for the most part.

Problem that I can’t figure out now… when someone comes into the ivr and goes into the directory to search for some one the call is placed through to the extension no matter what the time of day condition says. If the call is external and direct dialed we are good though.

DID - works
extension to extension - not routing based on conditions
directory - not routing based on conditions

I’m attempting to do the same, can you share with me how you got DID to work for exernal and still allow internal to call the extension?

1 - time group set up with the times that calls are to be re-routed
2 - Set up time conditions for each extension that is applicable and have it assigned to the time group and applicable routing for each extension if time conditions is true -> to VM or false -> rings at station
3 - Created a DID for each extension and have that DID routing to the time condition

All this works great when you dial in across a trunk the did picks up and call is routed as per time condition

Where everything breaks -
If the main number is dialed the person is routed to an IVR option 5 on the IVR is the directory (411 VM version not Phonebook) When someone dials this number and then procedes to do the spell by name the call when it is routed ignores the time conditions as it is not seeing the call as coming in as a DID but an internal call.

Theory as to what I need to do-
Have internal calls from directory (411) and other select extension appear as if they have come in via a trunk so the time conditions are processed.