Routing Calls, which have a special incoming route

Hi all!
I have a special incoming route for one DID. The calls are first getting routed to some general announcements (all calls from all routes are using this announcements) and later they are routed to a customized dialplan. In the customized dialplan I’d like to put the calls, which are from the special incoming route, to an other destination like the other calls.

How can I do that?
I tried with the DID and __FROM_DID variable, but they are not available in my custom dialplan.



Thank you!
Didn’t know DumpChan() before.
It was working fine for me!


Perhaps in that custom dialplan, you could put this in the begining to test…

exten => _.,1,Dumpchan()

Then go into asterisk CLI, asterisk -rvvvv

Do the same dial and see all possible channels or variables there…