Routing calls from OOH323 trunk to SIP trunk

Hi Everyone,

I am currently having a problem with my inbound routing.

My setup is like this:
Avaya PABX Asterisk FreePBX Far End (Telco)

Avaya PABX 12XX extensions would call an 8xxx-xxxx number, then all outbound from 12XX that would pass through ooh323 trunk will become a pilot number 1234-5678. I can see that Asterisk FreePBX is receiving a call from 1234-5678 calling 8xxx-xxxx via call log. But it was unsuccessfully routed to SIP trunk to the far-end and being drop.

I already checked my inbound rout DID 8xxx-xxxx and CID 1234-5678, destination But still unsuccessful. I also tried configuring extensions_custom.conf but nothing happens. here are my codes below:

exten => _8xxxxxxx,1,GotoIf($[“${CALLERID(num)}” = “12345678”]?route_call)
exten => route_call,1,Dial(SIP/my-sip-trunk/${EXTEN})

Hoping for assistance from anyone. I will surely appreciate any help. Thank you!

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