Routing calls from IVR to sip trunk


I made an IVR as destination in Inbound Route of my voip provider sip trunk

At IVR voice prompt, other than select various IVR option, I need to call extension of another voip PBX through a sip trunk that is already working (from my pbx I already call other pbx extensions by mean of an outbound route pointing at that sip trunk)

I set the IVR option 4 : “Trunks” as desired target but it doesn’t work

Is this the right way to do it ??
Any suggestion ?


Let’s make the thing simpler :

On a particular inbound route, the destination must be an extension that resides on another PBX , reachable via a SIP trunk.

How to accomplish this ??


I set up a Custom extension this way :

in custom “dial” section :


Putting this custom extension as target of an inbound route it works 100%

Is this the right way to do ??
What if I get i.e. 100 DID numbers from my provider and I must route 30 of them to a remote pbx ? Should I create 30 Inbound routes & custom extensions ?

Thank you

Yes, that’s a good way.

If you have to do 30 and they are in order I would simply write a short custom dialplan. You can use regular expressions to evaluate the numbers.