Routing calls from FreePBX to external IVR then option

I’m having an issue with connecting to another IVR. I have a FreePBX system at a new office we are opening and our main office has an old Nortel PBX in place. What I am trying to do is when a user enters an option on the FreePBX IVR, I want to route that call to our main office IVR then pause for a split second then dial a 4 digit extension to match the hunt group on the Nortel to rout the call to the right group. for example call comes into freepbx, hits IVR, user dials option 2, free pbx then sends the call to the Nortel main number which hits the nortel IVR. then i would like freepbx to dial 1324 to get the call to the Nortel hunt group that matches the option they need. I have a misc destination setup currently, but cant figure out what i need to enter to get it to dial the 4 digit hunt group number. Any help would be appreciated!


Thank you for the reply, but I’m still having a hard time understanding how to make this happen. It’s been a few year since I’ve dealt with FreePBX and I’m struggling to setup this one item. I have my IVR configured in FreePBX and when the customer dial option 2, I want it to call outbound to a different IVR then dial a 4 digit extension. Can this not be done in misc. destinations? I used to be able to use misc. destinations and add a symbol for wait then dial the 4 digits needs to get the correct location. I cant remember what symbol I used but that was how I did it in the past, but that was 4+ years ago

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