Routing call to external number

Hi. First of all sorry for such a simplistic question but it’s my first time using FreePBX. What i’m trying to do is to route call to external number if extension 104 doesn’t answer. i do have enabled find me follow me but it’s doesn’t seem to work(it works on another extensions which aren’t set in inbound routes). i have set destination for inbound route to recieve calls on extension 104 and if that extension doesn’t answers i want that call to be routed to persons external number but instead i’m getting voicemail that extension is not available and to leave message. any tips? thank you.

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This type of thing can often be debugged by looking at a call trace of a problem call. You can share it via a link to pastebin using these instructions: Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

Thanks! log - here is the asterisk logs

This is not a complete trace, is line 2 the outbound call that’s failing? If so, it looks like the call was rejected by the provider. Possibly due to unacceptable caller id, or not having sufficient channels. They should be able to tell you why.

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