Routing a call to a special destination

How do I route a call to something other than the standard destinations of IVR & Extension?

For example, I’d like one of my extensions to play a recording. When a caller dials the extension (say 101), I’d like them to hear a recording. I’d like the recording to be accessible from the IVR too.

Similarly, I’d like a custom application to be run for some extensions. When a caller dials one of these extensions, a custom application runs.

I can do either of the above by hand editing extensions.conf, but I don’t see a way of dong it w/ the UI.


You don’t edit extensions.conf (your changes will be overwritten), but you can edit extensions_custom.conf. Read the documentation for the following modules:

Misc Applications
Misc Destinations
System Recordings
Custom Destinations (found under under “Tools” tab on interface)

Make sure you have the above four modules installed, read the documentation and/or just experiment with them, and you should be able to do anything you need to do with regard to the type of thing you are asking about.

One additional piece of info that may save you some grief - Asterisk will not play any MP3 file that’s not in a specific format that it likes (16 bits, 8000 Hz, Mono if i recall correctly). So if you want to play MP3 files, make sure they are in that format.

To create a event that plays a recording load the announcements module.

To save yourself a lot of grief don’t go editing files if they say do not edit them (that announcement is at or near the top of the extensions.conf file). There are reasons for it. Like the file is owned by FreePBX and makes changes to it, or the file is automatically generated every time you save your config changes. In those cases you’ll pull your hair out wondering why things are disappearing.

Want to know what FreePBX owns for files. See:

wiseoldowl has covered the rest.

ahhh thanks for helping me out guys! I have a place to start now.