I am currently using a Sonicwall for my network, and my Asterisk box is on a public IP off-site.

I don’t know why the sonicwall cannot handle SIP correctly, does anyone know what is the best router out there which is easiest to setup for Asterisk to work correctly?

I am getting a lot of SIP retransmission timeouts and I’ve been trying hard to fix it with Sonicwall but no luck.

If anyone has a guide or a suggestion for a better router, please let me know.


Before buying a new router have you considered joining those 2 networks by VPN? That could solve you issue without resorting to switching router.
This is a good idea even if you buy a new router since it secures the traffic between 2 sites from snooping.
Concerning routers, I have great experience with wdr-3600 running openwrt barrier breaker. Before I updated firmware last week I had uptime 183 days without a reboot. Even though it’s a relatively inexpensive consumer grade router the stability is excellent with openwrt. Plus you can run openvpn on it to secure the traffic between the router and the remote asterisk (the VPN link is very stable with automatic reconnect if configured correctly).