Route Permissions module

I updated this module a couple of years ago for version 11, for internal use. Now that we’re looking at going forward with 13, and I’ve rewritten it pretty much from the ground up (to support both 11 and 13, and probably 12) I figured I’d see if you had any interest in taking it back in house.

So, without further ado:

Two questions (and humor me because I know of your massive contributions to FreePBX :slight_smile: ):

  1. Will be support it (Meaning if users have issues will you address it or is this a drop and forget it)
  2. Would you mind pushing work you do to our git server or our git repo. You can actually still keep yours. We’d just give you write access on our server as well

Also it looks like you forked

And then trashed all of the commits. Which isn’t very nice. If we include this you’ll need to merge your work on top of what @xrobau already did

Yay, extremely happy to see my crufty old code being brought into the fresh air!

I, personally, would prefer it to be licenced under the AGPLv3, not the GPLv3, (as you have it under) as it wasn’t explicitly licenced until I put the AGPL licence in there… Is that going to be an issue?


I’m happy to get it up and running; if you guys aren’t interested in taking it back under your umbrella I’m sure I could provide some support for it. I’m happy to push the code wherever it needs to be.

I’m pretty sure I started working on this long before these things were up on github; I definitely started working on it before I started using github. I just started working on the module package that we had used in 2.9. There haven’t been any commits since the version I started with anyway, so I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much trouble to stick them back together again.

I’ll update the license file. AGPL is more suitable for server-side code; I must have been skimming over and pulled the wrong license.

We will take it. I can put it under the “extended” repo in FreePBX.

It’s pretty easy. Just fork the repo I pasted. Then you can delete everything out of it and just copy your files in. This will trick git into thinking it’s an upgrade. Which. it is. But then you’ll get all of the history. Which is nice. Once that’s done I can then take it and apply it to the real source. Then give you access to that.

If and when you have updates you just let us know and I can publish

Here it is: