Route manually dialed outbound calls through a queue

I run a small call center where a number of customer interactions require a call back. I’m trying to find a way that outbound calls are routed through a queue. Note that these callbacks are on demand manual dials by the agent. The end goal is to…

  1. ensure calls are counted against the right call center product group (Queue stats)

  2. Auto record the outbound calls

Any/All suggestions are welcome.

Queues are for inbound calls only. You can’t route a outbound call through a queue.

I thought as much which is why I stated the “end goal”. Can you or anyone else offer some alternative solutions? I can set up call recording for all outbound calls from specific extensions, but what about tracking/assigning the calls to a specific group or account or???

Alternative solutions? You haven’t actually told us specifically what you are trying to accomplish. You told us what your design for your solution was and we let you know that was not possible - it’s nonsensical.

What heuristic are you using now to track the inbound calls? Is it simply the queue number? Are you using any other kind of tracking system to manage your callbacks? Do you get a ticket number or some other thing that we can suggest you add to your outgoing dial-plan? Have you looked at any of the Advanced settings in the extension settings to see if any of those can help you?

Is it safe to assume that all calls from an extension are associated with a specific product group, or are you moving the extensions around from group to group?

I’m sure there’s a reasonably simple way to handle your concern, I’m just trying to get a better feel for what you really want to do.