Route IVR option to dial Cell Phone

new to the forum so sorry if this isn’t the right spot. Anyways, We have our FreePBX Server set up and ready to go. What we are trying to figure out is this.

Our setup is at a church. One of the things we have is an after hours crisis phone so if there is a severe emergency they will call phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx. What we want to do is set up our IVR so all they have to do is dial 777. then it will automatically route them to that cell phone. I’m sure it’s possible but i’m not sure how.

you could make a custom extension for xxx-xxx-xxxx that dials on a specific trunk, you could use follow me yto your cellphone , you could use a ring group with an external number (terminated by # ) but best yet read the documentation, it explains it all.

Even easier yet, create a Ring Group with the cell phone as the only member and point the IVR option there.

I have been reading a LOT of documentation and books, but somehow this issue had me stumped until the note from atcomsystems… thanks, that part of the puzzle is now in place.

Actually the proper way is to create a Misc Destination. It is the least overhead and what it was designed for. In the Dial box put the Cell Number.

Thank you for the tip. I found this from a search as I have to do something similar on my set-up. All I need to do now is Set Destination to the Misc Destination I set up - in the relevant Inbound Route config.