Route Inbound Numbers to Custom Dialplan Code?


I want to route Inbound Numbers (outside callers) to Custom Dialplan-Code. Want to choose a Dalin-Number in Freepbx and choose a custom piece of code in a freepbx select Box. Something like: If someone Dials Extension 4711 from outside he gets played music on hold forever:-) The module “dialplan injections” seems to be exactly what I want, but it does not work in 2.5.

Any ideas about how this can be done in freepbx 2.5 ?


wait another week for it to be released as 2.5 just came out and he people involved in that module are at OTTS training currently.

Found an alternate way:

  1. Add a macro to extensions_custom.conf
    exten => s,1,SayDigits(1234)
    exten => s,2,Hangup

  2. Add a Custom Destination:
    Dest: custom-count2four,s,1
    Desc: count2four

  3. Add a Misc Application:
    desc: misc-app count2four
    Dest: Custom Application count2four

  4. Add inbound route:
    Desc: count2four
    Did No: 7788127
    Destination: Custom Application count2four