Route calls differently per trunk

I have multiple sip trunks on my system and would like to route calls from particular trunks to specific outbound routes.

Basically I have a couple of 3rd party systems that have SIP trunks as well as my main carrier SIP trunk.

I want 3rd party A to be able to dial only extensions 3xxx, and 3rd Party B to only dial extensions 1XXX.

I have been looking for some time now and just cant seem to find anything that hints on the availability to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Define “3rd party systems” and how they connect to your PBX

For example a Nurse call system connects via a SIP trunk to the PBX. I want the nurse call system to only be able to dial a specific extension range.

The second system is a communications system that staff members wear on them that works wirelessly. There is a SIP trunk to that system and I would like to have staff wearing the devices be able to call internal extension and make outbound calls via our PSTN SIP trunk.

Does that help, or make it worse?

I am familiar with another Asterisk based system that you set inbound routes per SIP trunk so you can create individual routing for calls that come from that trunk.

Worse, please expand exactly how those ‘trunks’ appear to FreePBX.

When you call from one of them , what does Asterisk receive. (trunks do not natively provide extensions/endpoints that can be ‘inbound routed’ perhaps use the from-did-direct

The wireless system does send its “Pilot” number of 8000 and it sends a caller id name.

The nurse call sends the extension numbers of its endpoints (7XXX).

Can I route based on the incoming caller ID? I looked at that but did not see anything that said I could use 7XXX.

A custom context for the inbound route that examines CallerID(number) and so routes would be my suggestion. You can use _7XXX as a filter

Thanks! I will start to dig in and look at that.

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